Monday, July 6, 2009

The 6 Worst Cities In The United States

The United States may be the richest country ever (well...
until recently), but it has more than its share of cities that make
you wish you were dead. Here are six of the worst ones, in no
particular order. The criteria for inclusion in the list is bad
economies, crime, traffic, annoying people, crappy schools...
and the whims of the editor. So here we go...

Detroit, MI
Population: 916,952

Of course you knew this list would start with fucking Detroit.
This city used to be THE premier industrial city of the United
States during the first half of the 20th century. These days,
it's more like the crime and general fucked-upness capital
of the nation. The auto industry's deterioration in recent
decades led to stubbornly high unemployment, and with time it
has turned the city's downtown into a semi-ghost town. The
city's last mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick (the "hip-hop" mayor),
went to jail for perjury and misconduct (it's a long story
that has to do with text messages, adultery, a stripper
getting murdered, etc.). A mayoral candidate joked about there
being "no one left to kill" in Detroit. Someday soon, that
may literally be true, as the collapse of the auto industry
is sure to plunge the city into even more intense misery
and desolation.

Prime Detroit real estate.

Camden, NJ
Population: 79,3188

While Camden may have been making some improvements in
recent years, it's still safe to say that the city is a squalid
shithole. Camden used to be an important industrial hub up
until the middle of the 20th century. But as heavy industry
started leaving the city, the city became known less for
making phonographs, airplanes and soup and better known for
being a good place to get raped, shot, robbed, beaten to
death, or a combination of all of the above. The murder rate
is about 5 times the national average (and it used to be worse!).
Not surprisingly, unemployment is high--usually above 10%--
and about a third of the population lives under the poverty line.

East St. Louis, IL
Population: 31,542

Another formerly prosperous city which relied on heavy industry
for its economy, East St. Louis' main industry in modern times
is to serve as a punchline for jokes. Its population has more
than halved since the 1950s, and on most years the city is a
top contender for the title of "America's Most Dangerous City".
Entire blocks full of empty buildings dot East St. Louis. The
city actually looks so much like a post-apocalyptic dystopia,
that back in the late 1970s, it was used to film the movie
Escape from New York. So if you're looking to shoot a film
about a city in the aftermath of a nuclear explosion or a war,
East St. Louis is your town. Also a good place to check out
if you're into high levels of industrial pollution. Or if you
have a thing for despair, desolation and hopelessness.

Well, it doesn't look that bad. I mean, there's no dead
bodies on the street or anything.

Modesto, CA
Population: 210,096

Good lord. Where to begin? Hard hit by the mortgage crisis. Meth
capital of the world. Bad air quality. Rampant crime. Unemployment.
Recently, Forbes Magazine ranked it the worst metro area in the
U.S. with more than 500,000 people. It also has the honor of
almost always being at the top of national auto-theft statistics.
Well, at least it's cheap to live in right? Well, no. It's in
California, so the cost of living is automatically going to be
absurdly high. There's apparently also nothing to do, so it seems
to be a notoriously boring city. Well, except for the crime.
BUT HEY IT'S IN CALIFORNIA RIGHT? California's pretty.

Orlando, FL
Population: 227,907

Orlando doesn't usually make any "Worst Cities" lists (that I'm
aware of), so feel free to disagree with me here. This one is
kind of personal. I lived in Orlando and learned to hate it. And
there was more than enough to hate. For what it is (and it sure as
fuck ain't NYC or San Francisco) the cost of living is high. There
are tourists everywhere, thanks to Disney World and all the other
tacky, annoying, tourist-trap bullshit which covers this town.
There's no real sense of community, as practically everyone who
lives in Orlando is from somewhere else, so the city feels
rootless and transitory. Wages are low and quality jobs are rare.
People drive like maniacs (and these are the residents, not
just the tourists). The schools are beyond awful and crime is
frighteningly high, especially for a city that's supposed to be
a world-class destination.The population is a mixture of criminals,
non-English speaking immigrants, stupid rednecks and ghetto thugs.
So fuck you, Orlando. Just fuck you.

Fuck this place.

Washington, D.C.
Population: 591,833

Our nation's capital is in many ways a total embarassment to the
United States. Among the things that make D.C. a horrible place
to live are out-of-control traffic, a disproportionately high cost
of living, expensive yet crappy housing, an AIDS rate comparable
to any African country and a decades-long crime and poverty problem.
The rich minority live in opulent neighborhoods, while the poor
live in horrifying slums, Third World-style. In recent years, close
to 20% of the population has found itself living under the poverty
line. About a third of children live in poverty. The public schools
are such a mess they probably make the ones in the South Bronx look
okay in comparison. This is also the city that elected crack-smoking
whoremonger Marion Barry mayor. And then elected him to the city

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  1. dicks that my turf

  2. What the hell are you talking about?

  3. I just visited Orlando for the first time for the Amer. Heart Assoc. conference, and have to agree: Orlando sucks ass! It's a kitschy copy of my native San Diego... which is kitschy enough!

  4. Actually, I agree about Orlando, the only City in Fla that has true Floridians in, in quantity, Jacksonville is probably even WORSE though. Detroit is the worse City I have EVER seen, next must be Jacksonville

    1. Im from jax, its not the best but its def better than orlando for sure. We went on vacay on came back more stressed, orlando is hell on earth, disney rips you off,hotels lie about everything, drivers and traffic lights suck, you catch every red light, ppl are assholes, especially foreigners who will push a child and act like they dont know why its wrong, language barrier or not adults should not shove children to get on a rides, never prejudice before but after a "vacay to disney" Im feeling some feeling towards the rest of the world. everything is over priced, I HATE Orlando, we should just burn it down and pretend it never existed.

    2. If theres enough fuel burn jax and forget it and everyone there.. Ive been everywhere touring and there is nothing good about Jax... Cracksonville.. If nothing else every cop there should be killed in public.

  5. the cities is not bad god created the world but people created the cities and people like yourself who commented and complains and don't have a resolution to help resolved the problem is not helping the world except you moving out of orlando florida by your moving out about 1% the city of orlando florida improved. (lol)

  6. Has anyone looked at Memphis, TN! Absolutely the WORST PLACE I have ever seen. I have lived here most of my life and find it to be the worst ever. Absolutely nothing to do, horrible museums, no outdoor activities, violent crime is at an all time high, racism is out of control. Memphis has the Mississippi River and the city officials have done nothing with it. We have Beale Street, a one block street of bars and restaurants and CRIME. Memphis is out of touch with the rest of the world. NO matter what, the color of your skin always comes up. The city is predominately black and it will always be the worst place to live until we get some forward thinking politicians who are not bent on race and they get the crime under control. I have traveled extensively to other parts of the country and I hate this city.

    1. I live in Memphis and think it is a great place to live. The cost of living is low and there is plenty to do. Memphis has many spectacular neighborhoods which now extend out into the suburbs. There is the Fedex forum where you can see NBA team the Grizzlies. It is easy to get to and the fans are great. The college team the Tigers also plays there. There is also a minor league baseball stadium right by the Fedex Forum.
      Memphis has countless restaurants, movie theaters, shopping centers including several Sams club, Costco, Walmart etc.
      Shelby farms is a beautiful city park where many people, run, skate, fish, play frisbee golf, bike and there are miles of dirtbike trails.
      There are several playhouses and you could see plenty of live music down on Beale st. The Pink Palace museum is nice and the Memphis zoo is top notch. If you like gambling, Tunica is very close by.
      Most importantly Memphis people tend to be extraordinarily polite and kind.
      There are real bad areas of Memphis too. Just stay out of them. Memphis is a fine place to me.

  7. I've heard Memphis (or "Memfrica") is a pretty hardcore shithole. I'm not sure how I left it off the list.

  8. Cincinnati, Ohio should be added to the list soon. They've had 6 homicides in 6 days in the Avondale area.

  9. Okay, I'm gonna start working on a Part 2 for
    this list. So far it'll include Memphis, Cincinnati, New Orleans...any other ideas?

  10. Dirty $outh Mout#March 30, 2010 at 3:25 PM

    fresno, CA. El paso/san antonio/houston -drug trafficking (pick one). i would put West Palm beach, Fl; or around there but things are picking up. oh maybe look at Atlanta, GA.

  11. You can cast my vote for Memphis, the most ass backwards city there is of it's size. political corruption is rampant, gang activity rules the streets. there is absolutely nothing to do here unless a major concert comes to the forum and then there is Beale street which is great but once you've been there it's the same old, same old.

  12. Well, I must tell you... The worst place to live is called OHIO! I am from Brazil and when the winter comes I get so very much depressed! OMG! I have never been in such a cold place in my life! And... people from here are as cold as the weather! With all my heart and soul: I HATE OHIO!!!

  13. go back to brazil and quit whining.

  14. YOU CANT FORGET ABOUT SAINT LOUIS MISSOURI!!! ive lived there all my life and in my 20 years of living it has reached the murder capitol of the year 9 times...twice in the last 5 years! its second now! horrible place to live trust me

  15. shit you ever thought of putting rockladg florida on that list so meny rasist ass niggers ther becuz of rockladg im racist i live in cocoa florida but that nigger shit hole iz almost 18minnets away i love cocoa thoue its a juggalo town! WOOP WOOP

  16. check out fresno california, dude

  17. Bill I wouldn't put down New Orleans because even with all its problems it has a lot of culture, history, and a unique nightlife. I would however put down the entire state of New Jersey with all its douche bag guidos, its shitty ocean waters, terrible cities like Trenton, Camden, Newark, Jersey City, Atlantic City, high taxes, and appetite for "waste management".

  18. Camden has a death everyday. Brooklyn ? HAHA. Maybe Harlem

  19. Yeah. Everything suck in NJ. I live in LBI and there hasnt been a wave for months

  20. Dayton Ohio sucks ass!! Rude people, murders and drugs. Nothing remotely close to do except a bike trail and Kings Island other than that, I guess you could go to the shitty bars here and get shit faced.

  21. I have to agree with most of these, but there is one that never makes the list- Gallup, New Mexico.

  22. Not to defend Orlando because every city has its bad. But you must spend a week in Miami before rating Orlando. If any one can find any legal redeeming good thing about Miami please enlighten us, From traffic to crime to jobs to housing. yeah there are IN FACT more tent like structures people call home than there are mansions. Even the Trump building is bankrupt and vacant. So please anyone?

  23. I had a long layover, and I tried to take a bus from the Airport to see something--anything--interesting in Miami, and the only thing I could do was ride to a mall. It took over an hour--just to get a mall. And there wasn't anything interesting along the way, either. But I like South Beach.

  24. cant forget cleveland ohio!

  25. I agree with you 100% about Orlando. It took me 2.5 years to finally leave that cease-pool of nothingness. Worst city in the USA hands down, maybe even the entire planet. While the tourists are laughing on the outside to the likes of Disney and Universal; the locals are crying on the insides and planning on either a) leaving the city or b) suicide. I'd take the B option if I couldn't leave. Truly it's HELL on Earth!! The best thing for the city is to denounce it as a "city" and just transform it to simply be called "The Orlando Resort". Flush the remains in the toilet and keep it all smoke and mirrors for the weary eyed tourist.


  27. I have to agree with some of the description about traffic, cost of living and poor neighborhood in the south in DC but I wonder which city don't have this calamities, all cities in US have it, right? In defense of Washington I think is a beautiful city, cultural hot spot, awesome nightlife and vibrant. I lived in Miami, NY and L.A before and DC is the best.

  28. Wow. makes you wonder where is there left to go unless you make a 100 G or have serious money??? I think we are truly on the way down........the US ship is taking on water......I live in Phoenix, AZ.......what a souless, cultureless, wannabe town. The downtown is utterly a joke!! ALl the dbris, shit and rif raf from southern Cali has drifted here......ex cons, dealers, the housing market is gone, its like everyone here is living in a fantasy outdoor mall dream world while the rest of the ship sinks.......I live in Tempe and is the saddest excuse for a college town I have ever wannabees from all other true colleges.....overpriced financial prison are the dorms out here........

  29. People keep naming big cities like Orlando,Miami and Houston,but one of the worst places you can live is a small town on the Hudson River called BEACON. Yes Beacon,NY is the asshole of the Northeast! The people are backwards,white trash,cycle ridin' drug selling retards. There are some ghetto black people and a bunch of nasty-ass (probably illegal) latin types! No,I'm not a racist,but almost all of these people,white,black and latino are rude obnoxious jerks with bad attitudes and the worst fashion sense in America. Hard to believe this town is 60 miles upriver from NYC,because it might as well be in Kansas! Everybody there dresses like they're going out to slop the hogs or muck out the chicken coops! The funniest part is that Beacon considers itself "sophisticated" because Main Street has a few art galleries and restaurants that cater to the NYC crowd that comes up on the weekends to get away. Of course they never mix with the trashy locals,they stay on Main Street so they think Beacon is quaint and cute. HA!

  30. I agree about Orlando. It has no soul. It should have remained a podunk central Florida town, and would have if Disney didn't buy land.

    I can't even imagine walking around Disney most of the year there, it is hot and humid.

    Disgusting place and loaded with rednecks.

  31. I've lived in many cities but found Yonkers, NY to be among the worst. Crazy wops, blackies, ragheads and Russian mafia type....stay away!

  32. This goes back to the old comment from last year but Memphis is without a doubt the worst after detroit. It always tops in the top 5 in worst city crime, etc. Was born and raised there, moved and will NEVER go back again! Racism, crime and yes its so ass backwards it's not even up to date with world problems cause it's own problems always keep it sinking in a whirlpool to hell

  33. Working in a call center that covers the whole country, I found the rudest people to be from miami and new orleans

  34. I live in Orlando right now.
    Its getting really bad. And I go to an alternative high school. Which makes things worse. The court system is fuckedd up.
    Its nothing sweet out here. People think its soft cause of Disney. But to the contrary. My mom is actually thinking of moving to BROOKLYN OR HARLEM. now that's unheard of.

  35. Hemphill Texas the price of food going up. Cost to much to fill the pick up. no fast foods joints. Still have dirt road in some places. Cost a dollar at the local car wash.No movie house. And people always saying hello. What this world coming to.

  36. I have been living in Orlando since 2001 and I moved down here from New York and I have to agree. Orlando Sucks ass. It is the worse city in the world not just U.S. Twice a year you get these bullshit little bugs called love bugs that mess up your car and make life horrible. Then if you have a situation where you need to call the police for help, good fucking luck, the cops show up up 2 hours later, but you better believe they will be on your ass if you are going over 5 miles on your speedometer. The girls in this state are sluts and carry diseases and the men here are total whimps because they are afraid to offend the slut ass bitches that live here. If you are married and have kids you better hope your children don't conceive before the age of 18. Hoping to find a job here in Orlando? Good fucking luck with that, if you don't look like a hooters girl you can kiss that idea goodbye. The job market here sucks, foreclosure rates are high, and the people that live here have an all about me attitude. The drivers here are the worse and its not just the tourist. Thinking of opening up a business here? kiss that idea good bye also, the people here think that they are high class shit with their minimum wage salary so all they want to do is go to places that appear high class, like Bahama Breeze, TGIF, Ale House, Starbucks, etc. If you don't have the money to open up a chain restaurant or anything that is chain you can forget it, you will be bankrupt in a year. The schools here are really bad and there is so much fraud here that it makes gypsies look like amateurs. You want a job, you have job scams here, want a house, you have real estate scams. This city is the worse city to live in. Orlando International Airport does a great job of deceiving people when they fly in because the airport is so pretty. It is not until you live here that you realize what shit hole this place really is.

    1. people cant drive down there either!! but i like how people drive fast my kind of driving but i still wanna move to florida!!!

    2. Hey, I have it worse. If you have a car accident in my city, you're lucky if the cops will even show up! And pray the jackass has insurance. The morons who drive usually don't.

  37. I find it no surprise that almost all of these are places where Democrats have a stranglehold on the population. And they call themselves the party of the "poor people." Well that fits them to a T.

  38. wow I guess we are all entitled to a life's lesson and our Opinions. To let you know I didn't see you post anything about Philadelphia on here, it's no different or better then Camden! For your information my mother said she grew up in Camden for awhile and it was beautiful at one time. What do you want we can not keep everyone in jail, to keep the riff raft of our streets to make this a better world! blame it on our government and society!!! everyone turning a blinds eye and not putting out a hand to help one another knowing one needs it. Instead everyone just walks away and turns their back on one another and does not care because of race or because they have issues...