Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Worst Colleges (For Getting Your Money's Worth)

Good fucking luck!

College takes a long time, it's difficult, and at least in America,
it's fucking expensive. The average level of student loan debt for
an American student is over $23,000, and about a third of students
don't even stay enrolled past their first year. When choosing a
school, it would serve you well to research how good of a return
on investment you're likely to get for your (or your parent's)
money, so that you can feel a little better when you hopefully
graduate and receive your potentially useless college degree.

Tuition.IO has come up with a handy list of the worst colleges
as far as ROI. They also have a list of the best ones, but this
blog is not concerned with the "best" of anything, so fucking
find it yourself. We have featured a couple of "worst college"
lists on this blog before, and I'm mildly surprised to not see
any of the schools from those lists on this one, unless I've
missed something. The schools on this list are spread all
over the USA. You have Concord in West Virginia (#10),
Jackson State in Mississippi (#8), and Medaille College
in New York (#3), for example.

For the rest of the list, click HERE.


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