Thursday, November 1, 2012

The 11 Worst Public Universities In America

Last summer, I posted a link to a list of the fifty worst colleges in 
America. However, just in case you were curious as to what the
worst public colleges in America are, The Fiscal Times brings us
a list of the 11 crappiest public universities in the country. You'll see
a couple that you may recognize from the "50 worst list", such as
Southern University at New Orleans and the University of the
District of Columbia, as well as lesser-known wastes of time and
money like Ohio University Southern Campus and Cameron
University. The best school on this list is Coppin State University
in Baltimore, with an unimpressive graduation rate of 16.3%. So
you know the rest of these shitholes won't rate very well at all.
For the full list of state schools not to waste your Pell Grant money
on, click HERE.

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  1. As usual, this report confirms the old saying that you can prove anything with "statistics." What most people don't know is that the measurement used to determine graduation rates is based on a 1950's model which describes a college student as someone who comes to college directly from high school, attends full time, and graduates between 4-6 years. This no longer describes the AVERAGE college student, much less the nontraditional student, many of whom attend public universities.